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Antonina Roll-Mecak, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator and Unit Chief
Cell Biology & Biophysics Unit
NINDS, joint appointment in NHLBI

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Antonina Roll-Mecak Antonina trained as an engineer at The Cooper Union in New York City and obtained her Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics from The Rockefeller University. She conducted her postdoctoral studies with Ron Vale at the University of California, San Francisco. She loves fuzzy microtubules!!!
Agnieszka Szyk, Ph.D.
Biochemistry Wizard


Aga Aga graduated from the University of Gdansk specializing in peptide chemistry. She conducted her postdoctoral studies in protein biochemistry and X-ray crystallography with Jacek Lubowski and Michael Maurizi at NCI. She loves all things that have to do with biochemistry and keeps our lab well organized and efficient!
Jeff Spector, Ph.D.
Microscopy Guru


Jeff obtained his B.S. in Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and pursued his Ph.D. in Physics at Purdue University where he investigated anomalous diffusion in red blood cells using high speed single particle tracking. He joined our lab after a short postdoctoral stint at NIST with Steve Stranick. He keeps our microscopes in tip-top shape and focuses on investigating the effects of post-translational modifications on the behavior of MAPs and molecular motors.
James Park, M.D./Ph.D.
Clinical Fellow

James received his M.Phil. in Biochemistry from Cambridge and AB in Chemistry from Harvard. After finishing his M.D./Ph.D. at Yale University with research focusing on Alzheimer's disease, he completed his neurology residency at the Barrow Neurological Institute. His interests in the lab focus on the role of tubulin post-translational modifications in neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration.
Elena Zehr
Postdoctoral Fellow

Elena received her B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley and her Ph.D. from UCSF. As an undergraduate student in Jeremy Thorner’s lab, she focused on understanding septin network organization. As a graduate student in David Agard’s lab she elucidated the structure of a phage-encoded tubulin filament with an unusual architecture. Her research aims to understand the mechanism of the microtubule severing enzyme katanin.
Ewa Szczesna
Postdoctoral Fellow

Ewa graduated from the University of Warsaw with a major in biotechnology. She obtained her Ph.D. from the Nencki Institute in Warsaw where she worked in the Laboratory of Motor Proteins. Her Ph.D. work focused on the mechanism of the motor Ncd. She works in the lab on the regulation of motors by the tubulin code using biochemical and single-molecule biophysics techniques.
Kishore Mahalingan
Postdoctoral Fellow

EricGriffis Kishore obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Indiana where he worked in Tom Hurley's lab on the structure and mechanism of glycogen synthase using X-ray crystallography and classic enzymology approaches. He is now pursuing mechanistic studies of tubulin modifying enzymes using a hybrid structural approach that combines X-ray crystallography, SAXS and EM.
Annapurna Vemu
Johns Hopkins-NIH graduate student

Annie obtained her Bachelorís and Masterís degrees in Biochemistry/Chemistry at the University of California, San Diego. Annie first joined the lab as a postbac and focused on single molecule studies of the TTLL7 glutamylase. Hooked on microtubules, she decided to join the lab as a Ph.D. student. Her work focuses on understanding how tubulin post-translational modifications and isotypes tune microtubule dynamics.

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