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Students Give Thanks to an Outstanding Leader

Students Give Thanks to an Outstanding Leader Dr. Alan Koretsky was recognized at the 2018 Summer Internship Program Ceremony in August and is pictured with many thankful students who comprise the sentiments of a very grateful Institute. Students thanked Dr. Alan Koretsky for his support of the Summer Internship Program as well as his dedication and service as the Scientific Director for the past twelve years, 2006-2018. It is the longest tenure of any Scientific Director at the institute and NINDS was privileged to have such a dynamic leader. There were many notable accomplishments during his tenure including the recruitment of a number of promising young investigators and developing leaders in neuroscience; overseeing the second phase of the John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center, a unique facility that is home to 800 neuroscience researchers; and maintaining daily operations within challenging budget constraints while improving efficiencies that contributed to many outstanding scientific achievements. Dr. Koretsky will continue to be a valued leader within the NINDS community as the Director of the NIH MRI Research/Mouse Imaging Facility and the Chief of the NINDS Laboratory of Functional and Molecular Imaging.