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Translational Neuroscience Center (TNC)

The goal of this Center is to provide an infrastructure to assist researchers in preclinical and clinical studies
to develop new diagnostics and treatments for neurological diseases. The TNC is comprised of four units.

    • Drug Development Unit, directed by Dr. Joseph Steiner
        The Drug Development Unit provides assistance with development of throughput assays for identified targets 
        for drug development using primary brain cells or stem cell derived neuronal and glial cells. 

    • Neurodifferentiation Unit, directed by Dr. David Wang        
        The Neurodifferentiation Unit delineates new techniques for converting blood derived stem cells into neurons to 
        develop personalized medicine and study disease pathogenesis.

    • Clinical Proteomics Unit, directed by Dr. Jeffrey Kowalak
        The Clinical Proteomics Unit uses state-of-the-art mass spectroscopy based techniques to dicipher the proteome 
        in the cerebrospinal fluid and other biological materials.

For additional information about the TNC contact: