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Muscle Disorders

Program Duration: 2-5 years

The fellowship program in muscle disorders has the goal of training neurologists for an academic career with a focus in training in inflammatory and genetic muscle disease. One year of this fellowship can be at the Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

Areas of Current Research

  • Autoimmune muscle disease, including dermatomyositis, polymyositis, and statin triggered necrotizing myopathy 
  • Inclusion body myositis
  • Inherited myopathies
  • Distal myopathies
  • Myofibrillar myopathies
  • Myotonic dystrophies
  • Muscle regeneration

Andrew Mammen, M.D., Ph.D., Investigator, Muscle Disease Unit, Laboratory of Muscle Stem Cells and Gene Regulation, NIAMS,

Ami Mankodi, M.D., Investigator, Hereditary Muscle Diseases Unit, Neurogenetics Branch, NINDS,

Carsten Bönnemann, M.D., Chief, Neuromuscular and Neurogenetic Disorders of Childhood Section,

Reghan Foley, M.D., Staff Clinician, Neuromuscular and Neurogenetic Disorders of Childhood Section, Neurogenetics Branch,