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Basic Clinical Translational Research Fellowship

This combined fellowship is an individualized fellowship program aimed at M.D.s or M.D./Ph.D.s interested in basic research applicable to neurological diseases. The program is intended for clinicians with basic laboratory experience who wish to gain further training in laboratory-based research while improving clinical skills or for clinicians interested in emerging disciplines in neurological clinical research, such as neuroimaging. The successful candidate will spend the majority of time in basic research with a mentor, but will spend one day each week in clinical activities, such as working in a specialty clinic with a clinical supervisor and attending rounds and clinical conferences. Interested applicants should identify potential mentors from the NINDS faculty list and send an outline of their career goals, along with a curriculum vitae, addressed to the NINDS Clinical Director at Applications will be evaluated for programmatic and scientific appropriateness by the Scientific and Clinical Directors.

Laboratories in the Basic Neurosciences Program include:

Advanced MRI Section, Josef Duyn, Ph.D.
Axon Guidance and Neural Connectivity Unit, Edward Giniger, Ph.D.
Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit, Antonina Roll-Mecak, Ph.D.
Cellular and Developmental Neurobiology Section, Susan Wray, Ph.D.
Cellular and Systems Neurobiology Section, Jeffrey Smith, Ph.D.
Cellular Neurophysiology Unit, Zayd Khaliq, Ph.D.
Cerebral Microcirculation Section, Afonso Silva, Ph.D.
• Computational Structural Biology Unit, Lucy Forest, D.Phil.
Dendrite Morphogenesis and Plasticity Unit, Quan Yuan, Ph.D.
Developmental Biology Section, Carolyn Smith, Ph.D.
Developmental Neurobiology Section, Michael O’Donovan, M.D., Ph.D.
Laboratory of Functional and Molecular Imaging, Alan Koretsky, Ph.D.
Laboratory of Molecular Medicine and Neuroscience, Eugene Major,   Ph.D.
Membrane Protein Structure and Function Unit, Reinhard Grisshammer,  Ph.D.
Membrane Transport Biophysics Section, Joseph Mindell, M.D., Ph.D.
Molecular Neuropharmacology Section, David Sibley, Ph.D.
Molecular Neurophysiology Section, Miquel Holmgren, Ph.D.
Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Section, Kenton Swartz, Ph.D.
Neural Circuits Unit, Ralph Nelson, Ph.D.
Neuronal Cytoskeletal Protein Regulation Section, Harish Pant, Ph.D.
Neurophysiological Pharmacology Section, Judith Walters, Ph.D.
Receptor Biology Section, Katherine Roche, Ph.D.
Structural Cell Biology Section, Thomas Reese, M.D.
Synapse and Neural Circuit Research Unit, Wei Lu, Ph.D.
Synaptic Function Sectionm, Zuhang Sheng, Ph.D.
Synaptic Physiology Section, Jeffrey Diamond, Ph.D.
Synaptic Transmission Section, Ling-Gang Wu, M.D., Ph.D.
Viral Immunology and Intravital Imaging Section, Dorian McGavern, Ph.D.

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