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About the Clinical Neurosciences Program (CNP)

The CNP is comprised of clinical research groups organized within a multitude of branches, sections, units and clinics focusing on disease mechanisms and treatment of a variety of neurological disorders. The research methods within each group range from molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, genetics, pharmacology, neurophysiology, imaging to clinical trials. The program offers a unique environment for clinicians and physician-scientists working within the NIH Clinical Center, the nation’s largest hospital devoted entirely to clinical research and a unique training environment for the next generation of clinician-scientists. As a whole the program works to expedite the translation of scientific discoveries into new approaches for diagnosing, treating and preventing neurological disease and disorders. A large number of clinical studies are currently ongoing in a variety of neurological disorders; details of which can be accessed through Trial

Clinical Research  Programs:

 Neuroimmunology and Neurovirology  Surgical Neurology
 Neurogenetics  Autonomic Disorders
 Muscle Disorders  Epilepsy
 Motor Neuron Diseases  Clinical Neruophysiology
 Movement Disorders  Neurorehabilitation
 Stroke  Neuroimaging