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POTS- Purchasing Online Tracking System

POTS History

Date Important Events
June 2005 Dr. Fann called up a team of admin staff (Purchasing-Trissy Knox, Budget-Quynh Ly, and AO–Truc Le) to form a POTS planning team to discuss the procurement problems based on the numerous complaints from staff.  It was decided that we need an electronic system to better track our order submission.  Subsequent meetings were set up to discuss our requirements and reviewed some systems from outside vendors and internal NIH community. Three possible solutions were evaluated and NIDCR OnLine Purchasing System (OLPS) was selected for implementation.
July 2005 The current NIDCR OLPS system with source codes was installed; meetings were held weekly with the planning team and admin staff to discuss what enhancements and modifications were needed before October 1 launch.
August 2005 Implementation meetings were conducted twice a week with the planning team to ensure system enhancements and modifications were on target and on schedule. Continuous testing was performed to give feedback to the developer.
September 2005

The system enhancements and modifications were completed (by Brian Nicholson); user testing and several training sessions were conducted by Robert Dean.

October 1, 2005

NINDS POTS v 1.0 was launched!

October 1, 2006 First year POTS statistics:
  • First month received 965 orders and processed 795 (~82% completion rate)
  • Average processing time per order went from 1.88 days down to less than 4 hours for non-RQM orders
Total of 10509 orders processed in FY06 with 662 non-P-card orders
August 2007 POTS 2.0 Launched with new user interface and enhanced functions
October 2007 POTS team was awarded with NINDS Director Group Merit award
November 2007 NIDDK POTS launched
December 2007 NHGRI migrated from GRASP to POTS
March 2008 FIC POTS launched
April 2008 First POTS User Committee Meeting
June 2008 NHLBI POTS launched
July 2008 POTS team was awarded with NIH Director’s Group Award; NIDCD POTS Launched
October 2008 NIMH migrated from self-hosting to NINDS hosted POTS
January 2009 NICHD POTS launched
March 2009 POTS-NBS integration request approved by AMSSC; NBS integration project started.
May 1, 2009 NINDS Launched first NBS integrated POTS v3.0
June 2009 Completed current 8 IC POTS-NBS integration; NCRR, NLM, NIBIB POTS launched
July 2009 Completed first batch of 18 IC POTS integration to NBS; NIAAA, NIDA, NCCAM POTS launched
August 2009 NIDCR POTS launched
September 2009 CIT POTS launched
November 2009 NCI officially launched institute-wide POTS
December 2009 POTS completed all ICs NBS integration and become the enterprise purchasing requisition system!
January 2010 OD POTS launched
April 2010 NIA POTS launched
July 2010

HHS Innovation Award finalist; NINR and NCMHD POTS launched.
POTS 4.0 User feedback and planning workshop

August 4, 2010 HHSinnovates Award 2010 Winner!
September 2010 ORS POTS launched
December 2010 CSR POTS launched
January 2011 NLM POTS launched
February 2011 CC POTS launched
May 2011 POTS 4.0 upgrade launched
March 2012 NIEHS POTS launched
April 2012 NIGMS POTS launched.
POTS Completed all ICs POTS 4 Upgrade

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