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NINDS Clinical Fellowships

NINDS and the entire NIH offer a unique training and research environment for clinicians interested in becoming physician-scientists. NINDS provide opportunities to participate in laboratory and clinical research focusing on the basic mechanisms and treatment of a variety of neurological disorders. Physicians who have finished residency training in neurology and enter a NINDS Clinical Fellowship will obtain expertise in many different aspects of disease-oriented research from basic questions addressing the etiology and pathogenesis of the respective disorder to the design and conduct of clinical trials. The broad scope of research at NINDS and the training opportunities range from molecular biology, biochemistry, neurochemistry, developmental neurobiology, cell biology, immunology, genetics, neurophysiology, pharmacology to various fields of imaging. Several funding mechanisms exist for post-doctoral clinical fellowships and later for the transition from NINDS to an academic position. A loan repayment program is available for clinical fellows to repay educational debts.

Clinical Fellows at NINDS spend a variable amount of time on the clinical service of the respective Branch (usually between 8 months and one year) and the remaining time in the laboratory - this very much depends on the Laboratory/Branch - for example the EMG fellowship which is for 2 years entails one full year of clinical EMG work, and the second year is mainly devoted to research. Different Branches/Sections structure their fellowship training according to their individual needs. Usually, Clinical Fellows will start their training July 1 each year, and following a general introduction, medical credentialing and training on the Clinical Center Medical Information System (MIS) will participate in the night call schedule (2-4 times/month) and outpatient and inpatient activities of their Branch/Section.

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Group photo of NIH fellows in lab coats standing together in a lab.