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Profile Image

Senior Investigator

Alan P. Koretsky, Ph.D.

Laboratory of Functional and Molecular Imaging

Building 10 Room B1D728
10 Center Drive MSC 1065
Bethesda MD 20892-1065
Office: (301) 402-9659
Lab: (301) 402-9659
Fax: (301) 480-2558

Dr. Koretsky received his B.S. degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. He performed postdoctoral work in the NHLBI at NIH studying regulation of mitochondrial metabolism using optical and NMR techniques. Dr. Koretsky spent twelve years on the faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University where he was the Eberly Professor of Structural Biology and Chemistry. In summer 1999, he moved to NINDS as Chief of the Laboratory of Functional and Molecular Imaging and Director of the NIH MRI Research Facility. Dr. Koretsky's laboratory is interested in two main areas. They are actively developing novel imaging techniques to visualize brain function and study the regulation of cellular energy metabolism combining molecular genetics with non-invasive imaging tools.

The Functional and Molecular Imaging Section has two major research interests. One is to develop novel functional and molecular imaging techniques to study brain structure and function. Emphasis is on MRI but some optical imaging is performed as well. Current areas of interest are to extend spatial resolution and understand the relation of functional MRI to neuronal architecture. New imaging tools are being developed to image calcium influx and gene expression non-invasively in the mouse brain.

The second major research area is cellular energetics. In particular, we are interested in the role of the enzyme creatine kinase and regulation of mitochondrial metabolism. This work relies on combining non-invasive imaging tools and molecular genetics in the mouse to study mitochondrial function in vivo. Current areas of interest are to determine the role of creatine kinase in cell growth and death. We are also interested in characterizing changes in the mitochondrial proteome during changes in mitochondrial metabolism using novel two-dimensional gel electrophoresis techniques.

Staff Image
  • Tatjana Atanasijevic, Ph.D.
    Research Fellow
    Phone : (301) 435-4362
    Email :

  • Nadia Bouraoud
    Animal Biologist
    Phone : (301) 451-9938
    Email :

  • Seungsoo Chung, M.D., Ph.D.
    Research Fellow
    Phone : (301) 451-7226
    Email :

  • Alexia Daoust, Ph.D.
    Visiting Fellow
    Phone : (301)594-7314
    Email :

  • Steve Dodd, Ph.D.
    Staff Scientist
    Phone : (301) 402-0389
    Email :

  • Emily Petrus, Ph.D.
    IRTA Fellow
    Phone : (301) 451-9936
    Email :

  • Nikorn Pothayee, Ph.D.
    Research Fellow
    Phone : (301) 402-9709
    Email :

  • Galit Saar, Ph.D.
    Research Fellow
    Phone : (301) 451-9913
    Email :

  • Kathryn Sharer
    Animal Biologist
    Phone : (301) 402-9652
    Email :

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