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Parkinson's Disease Clinic 

Mark Hallett, M.D., Acting Clinic Director

The Parkinson's Disease Clinic is a clinical and research resource for the National Institutes of Health, located in the NIH Clinical Center. The Clinic provides a valuable service by acting as an interface for the research community and patients. Physicians at the clinic evaluate patients with Parkinson's disease (PD), link these patients with investigators throughout all the NIH institutes, participate in diagnostic and therapeutic protocols, and conduct collaborative research with investigators interested in PD at NIH. The clinic is actively exploring several facets of PD with multivariate relationships throughout the NIH and other academic centers. In collaboration with several laboratories, the research is delineating objective measures for disease. By providing this objective assessment, researchers from the NIH, across the country, and even the world, can utilize data to improve  research efforts. Additionally, in collaboration with the Surgical Neurology Branch, research is being conducted on patients being treated with deep brain stimulation. To better elucidate the pathophysiology of PD, several studies are exploring the genetic characteristics of the disease. In addition, diverse studies utilizing imaging and physiological tests are being used to better under the progression of PD. 

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