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Epilepsy Clinic 

William Theodore, M.D., Chief, Clinical Epilepsy Section and Clinic Co-Director
Sara Inati, M.D., Chief, EEG Section and Clinic Co-Director

Persons with a history of seizures are recruited from the community and through physician referral for evaluation in our assigned Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning clinics. There are instances when our patient population requires visits at alternate times throughout the week.  Screening visits include a medical history and physical examination, MRI and EEG. Clinic visits are also scheduled for patients enrolled in other epilepsy protocols including preparation and neuropsychological screening tests for imaging studies, monthly clinic visits for drug study and post-surgical follow up visits.  In addition, we utilize the 5th floor outpatient clinic for screening healthy controls and consultative visits for other institutes such as infectious disease and neurogenetics.

For more information contact: or call 301-435-2952

For Studies Actively Recruiting Patients please click here.


Affiliated Clinical Staff
Kareem Zaghloul, MD PHD, Neurosurgeon
Sara Inati, MD, Epileptologist
Omar Khan, MD, Epileptologist

Administrative Staff
Tamika Mason, MS, Patient Care Recruit and Outreach Specialist
Aaliyah H. Thiam, MS, Program Coordinator


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