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Carole Webb

Carole Webb, M.S.N., R.N., C.C.R.P., C.C.R.C.

Research Nurse

Office: 301-496-2921

Ms. Webb is the dedicated research nurse for protocols 09-N-0039 (Intrathecal Administration of RTX for Advanced Cancer Pain) and 15-N-0175 (Periganglionic RTX for Cancer-induced Bone Pain).

The research nurses provide overall care and management of the research participants involved in the Surgical Neurology Branch protocols. The research nurses work with the branch investigators/neurosurgeons to ensure protocol compliance. The research nurses are involved in protocol consent, data management, and event monitoring/reporting according to regulatory requirements.

The research nurses serve as a resource for existing protocol participants, often triaging outpatient medical questions/concerns, providing patient education, and explaining protocol schedules and requirements. The research nurses also work with patients to pre-schedule their surgeries and inpatient hospitalizations. A research nurse is always present during our Thursday neurosurgery outpatient clinic to assist our research participants.

The research nurses are also involved in the recruitment process, screening new patients and assessing their eligibility for clinical trials. The eligibility requirements and inclusion/exclusion criteria for all of our clinical trials are available on If you are interested in applying for a study with the Surgical Neurology Branch, please contact the research nurses via