Requirements for Training are dependent on your role on a study. There may also be additional training requirements which are Institute based, or Clinical Center dependent. The requirements outlined here apply only to Human Subjects Protection related training.

Training required by the Combined NeuroScience Institutional Review Board (CNS IRB)

  1. CNS IRB Investigator Training---This course is required for investigators and staff working on CNS IRB protocols. It is a four-hour class provided by the CNS IRB which outlines NIH and CNS IRB review procedures as well as review of the protocol and consent templates. At the completion of the four hours you will be issued a certificate of attendance. Training is required once but may be taken as often as desired. Training sessions are held quarterly, and can be scheduled through Lisa Bingaman at 301-435-4449.

  2. Human Subjects Protection Unit (HSPU) “Elements of Successful Consent” Training---This is required of all investigators who will obtain consent from protocol participants. It is a 1 1/2 hour class which provides training on the basic elements of informed consent. Training sessions can be scheduled through Carol Squires at 301-402-6845.  Training is required once but may be taken as often as desired.

Training required by the Office of Human Subjects Research Protection (OHSRP)

OHSRP is the NIH office which provides guidance, policies and training on human subjects protection. The training requirements outlined on the OHSRP website are dependent on your role on the study, the type of study being conducted, and the population being studied.  

Requirements and links to the corresponding online training can be found at the OHSRP Training Access Page Exit Disclaimer Policy

Contact OHSRP directly with questions regarding their required training at 301-402-3444.