Completed before IRB Review
  • Branch or Section Review
  • Institute Scientific Review
  • Statistical Review (if required by institute)
  • Pre-IRB Review by IRB Staff

     Completed Concurrent with IRB Review
  • Ethics Review for financial conflict of interest (DEC Review)
  • Resource Utilization Review (PRIA form)
  • FDA Review
  • Radiation Safety Committee or Radioactive Drug Research Committee Review
  • Review by Collaborating Sites (Collaborating Site IRB Approval Documentation)
  • Review by Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee and/or Institutional Biosafety Committee

     IRB Review Process
  • Expedited or Full Board IRB Review
  • IRB Actions
  • Response to IRB Stipulations
  • Final Sign Off

     Completed After IRB Review
  • Office of Protocol Services Review
  • Director, Clinical Center Review

      Submission Types