Lucy Forrest - Prototype 01

Forrest Lab

National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke

Lab Members


Forrest Lab 2016

From left: Vanessa Leone Alvarez, Raven Shah, Anu Nagarajan, Edoardo Sarti, Antoniya Aleksandrova & Lucy Forrest (Not in picture: Christina Stephens)


Forrest Lab 2014

From Left: Monika Sharma, Anu Nagarajan, Lucy Forrest, Cristina Fenollar Ferrer In Frankfurt: Ahmad Reza Mehdipour (not in picture)


Forrest Lab 2012

From Left: Ahmad Reza Mehdipour, Marcus Stamm, Cristina Fenollar Ferrer, Caroline Koshy, Lucy Forrest, Ali Karimi, Devcharan Sangoju


Forrest Lab 2011

From Left: Marcus Stamm, Caroline Koshy, Sebastian Radestock, Lucy Forrest, Kamil Khafizov, Cristina Fenollar Ferrer, René Staritzbichler, Thomas Crisman and Ahmad Reza Mehdipour

Lab News

Farewell to Eva Hellsberg

Visiting student Eva Hellsberg returns to complete her PhD at the University of Vienna in December. We will miss her!

Exchanging anions in red blood cells takes the elevator

A recent collaboration with Michael Jennings and the Faraldo-Gomez lab has just been published in the Journal of General Physiology. Repeat-swap modeling predicts an elevator-like mechanism. The study was highlighted in the journal!


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