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Forrest Lab

National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke

Current Members

Lucy Forrest Dr. Lucy R Forrest
Principal Investigator

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Dr. Antoniya Aleksandrova Dr. Antoniya Aleksandrova Postdoc
Richard Bradshaw Dr. Richard Bradshaw Postdoc
Dr. Vanessa Leone Alvarez Dr. Vanessa Leone Alvarez Postdoc
Paul Suhwan Lee Paul Suhwan Lee Postbac student
Emily Yaklich 2019 Emily Yaklich Postbac student 


Name Position in lab Current or Subsequent Position
  Christina Stephens Christina Stephens  Postbac student  Graduate Student, UCSF 
  Dr. Edoardo Sarti Dr. Edoardo Sarti   Postdoc  Postdoctoral researcher, 
CNRS - Sorbonne Université
(and NIH Special Volunteer)
Alumni Image Eva Hellsberg Visiting student Graduate Student, University of Vienna
Noah Riley Summer student NC State
Alumni Image Raven Shah Postbac student Graduate Student, Biochemistry Department, Emory University
Alumni Image Dr. Ariela Vergara Jaque Postdoc Postdoctoral Researcher, Kansas State University
Alumni Image Dr. Monika Sharma Postdoc INSPIRE Faculty, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali, India
Alumni Image Dr. Cristina Fenollar Ferrer Postdoc Research Fellow, NIMH
Alumni Image Dr. Anu Nagajaran Postdoc Schrödinger Ltd
Desirée Kaufmann Master's student PhD student, Institute of Molecular Biology Mainz, Germany
Devcharan Sangoju Master's student
Dr. Hossein Ali Karimi Varzaneh Postdoc Continental Tyres, Hannover
Anamika Giri Master's student
Alumni Image Ahmad Reza Mehdipour Graduate student Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, Frankfurt am Main
Alumni Image Dr. Sebastian Radestock Postdoc Elsevier Information Systems Ltd
Alumni Image Marcus Stamm Graduate student Elsevier Information Systems Ltd
Alumni Image Caroline Koshy Graduate student
Srividhya Ganesan Master's student
Alumni Image Thomas Crisman Graduate student Postdoctoral Fellow,University of California Los Angeles
Alumni Image Dr. René Staritzbichler Scientific Programmer CEO, Immuthera GmbH
Alumni Image Dr. Kamil Khafizov Postdoc Senior Research Scientist,Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Lab News

Lucy honored to present the NIH Directors Seminar

Her talk on April 5th titled "Satisfying symmetry: uncovering functional insights from patterns in membrane protein structures" can be viewed here.

Simulations help characterize transporter conformations

Paper out now in J. Gen. Physiol! We used simulations with EBmetaD to rank transporter conformations according to their agreement with DEER distance distributions. In collaboration with the Ziegler and Prisner labs, with thanks the Faraldo-Gómez lab!

EncoMPASS is in the Nucleic Acids Research database issue

Read about our new database, EncoMPASS, an easy new interface and resource to analyze symmetries and relationships between membrane protein structures! 

New insights into coupling during symport

A recent collaboration with Gary Rudnick has just been accepted for publication in PNAS. We identify a key molecular interaction responsible for responding to bound ligands and required for the major transport-related conformational change. 


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