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Forrest Lab

National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke

Through the years


Forrest Group 2019

From left: Vanessa Leone Alvarez, Paul (Suhwan) Lee, Emily Yaklich, Antoniya Aleksandrova, Lucy Forrest, Loic (Ntumba) Sangwa & Richard Bradshaw

Forrest + Faraldo-Gomez Labs 2019

Joint lab meeting with the Faraldo-Gomez lab. Forrest lab members in bold.
From left: Nathan Bernhardt, Fabrizio Marinelli, Stephen Castellano, Wenchang Zhou, Robyn Styx (hold still, Agnes!), Giacomo Fiorin, Richard Bradshaw, Paul (Suhwan) Lee, Rahul Banerjee, Vanessa Leone Alvarez, José Faraldo-Gómez, Lucy ForrestAntoniya Aleksandrova, Emel Ficici, Eva Hellsberg (Visiting student) & Alejandro Gil Ley



Forrest Lab 2017
Tenure celebrations!
From left: Vanessa Leone Alvarez, Antoniya Aleksandrova, Lucy Forrest, Christina Stephens, Edoardo Sarti & Eva Hellsberg


Forrest Lab 2016

From left: Vanessa Leone Alvarez, Raven Shah, Anu Nagarajan, Edoardo Sarti, Antoniya Aleksandrova & Lucy Forrest (Not in picture: Christina Stephens)


Forrest Lab 2014

From Left: Monika Sharma, Anu Nagarajan, Lucy Forrest, Cristina Fenollar Ferrer In Frankfurt: Ahmad Reza Mehdipour (not in picture)


Forrest Lab 2012

From Left: Ahmad Reza Mehdipour, Marcus Stamm, Cristina Fenollar Ferrer, Caroline Koshy, Lucy Forrest, Ali Karimi, Devcharan Sangoju 


Forrest Lab 2011

From Left: Marcus Stamm, Caroline Koshy, Sebastian Radestock, Lucy Forrest, Kamil Khafizov, Cristina Fenollar Ferrer, René Staritzbichler, Thomas Crisman and Ahmad Reza Mehdipour

Lab News

Lucy honored to present the NIH Directors Seminar

Her talk on April 5th titled "Satisfying symmetry: uncovering functional insights from patterns in membrane protein structures" can be viewed here.

Simulations help characterize transporter conformations

Paper out now in J. Gen. Physiol! We used simulations with EBmetaD to rank transporter conformations according to their agreement with DEER distance distributions. In collaboration with the Ziegler and Prisner labs, with thanks the Faraldo-Gómez lab!

EncoMPASS is in the Nucleic Acids Research database issue

Read about our new database, EncoMPASS, an easy new interface and resource to analyze symmetries and relationships between membrane protein structures! 

New insights into coupling during symport

A recent collaboration with Gary Rudnick has just been accepted for publication in PNAS. We identify a key molecular interaction responsible for responding to bound ligands and required for the major transport-related conformational change. 


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