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Biologist & Senior Research Technician

Craig V. Stewart, M.S.

Section on Critical Brain Dynamics

Laboratory of Systems Neuroscience
Building 35 Room 3A-113
35 Convent Drive
Bethesda MD 20892-3726
Office: (301) 402-6820
Lab: (301) 402-6820
Fax: (443) 802-3612

Our Laboratory Group explores the physiologic balance between neurons and the methods in which they communicate and interact with each other. Research studies are focused on the cortex of brains from Rats and mice, specifically from layers 2/3, and the transfer of information of neuronal signals between neurons.  Using 2-photon microscopy, head bar, craniotomy surgeries and organotypic neuronal cultures, we are able to better understand the propagation of neurons in a spontaneous neuronal network.

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  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
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