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Senior Investigator

Anand Swaroop, Ph.D.

Bldg 10/10B11
Bethesda MD 20892-
Office: (301) 435-5754

Dr. Swaroop obtained his Ph.D. at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India, and postdoctoral training at Yale University. He joined the University of Michigan in 1990 as assistant professor in Ophthalmology and Human Genetics. He became full professor in 2000 and Harold F. Falls Collegiate Professor in 2003. In September 2007, Dr. Swaroop joined the National Eye Institute as Senior Investigator to establish a new program in retinal development and knowledge-based treatment paradigms for retinal degenerative diseases. He has received several honors, including the Board of Director' s award from The Foundation Fighting Blindness, the Harrington Senior Scientific Award from Research to Prevent Blindness, and Distinguished Faculty Lectureship Award from the Univ of Michigan Medical School. The goal of Dr. Swaroop' s group is to develop novel treatment modalities for blinding retinal diseases based on a fundamental understanding of genetic defects and/or biological pathways underlying differentiation, homeostasis, aging and disease pathogenesis.

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