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Principal Investigators

Behavioral Neuroscience

  • Bandettini, Peter A
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    Section on Functional Imaging Methods

    Peter A Bandettini , Ph.D.,


  • Buonanno, Andres
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    Section on Molecular Neurobiology

    Andres Buonanno , Ph.D.,

    Senior Investigator

  • Carrasquillo, Yarimar
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    Behavioral, Neurocircuitry and Cellular Plasticity Section, NCCIH

    Yarimar Carrasquillo , Ph.D.,

    Tenure-track Investigator

  • Cohen, Leonardo G.
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    Human Cortical Physiology and Neurorehabilitation Section

    Leonardo G. Cohen , M.D.,

    Senior Investigator

  • Gu, Yi
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    Spatial Navigation and Memory Unit

    Yi Gu , Ph.D.,


  • Hallett, Mark
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    Human Motor Control Section

    Mark Hallett , M.D.,

    NIH Distinguished Investigator

  • Histed, Mark H.
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    Unit on Neural Computation and Behavior

    Mark H. Histed , Ph.D.,


  • Liu, Yuanyuan
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    Somatosensation and pain unit

    Yuanyuan Liu , Ph.D.,

    Stadtman Investigator

  • Lu, Wei
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    Synapse and Neural Circuit Section

    Wei Lu , Ph.D.,

    Senior Investigator

  • Silva, Afonso C.
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    Cerebral Microcirculation Section

    Afonso C. Silva , Ph.D.,


  • Young, Scott
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    Section on Neural Gene Expression

    Scott Young , M.D., Ph.D.,

    Senior Investigator

  • Zaghloul, Kareem
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    Functional and Restorative Neurosurgery Unit

    Kareem Zaghloul , M.D., Ph.D.,